Monday, February 16, 2009

Is my dream really coming true

Many people view Valentine's Day as a time for wishy washy romance and all the rest that makes hearts beat all crazy and such. My husband and I don't view it quite this way but be it Valentine's or Presidents Day, we have had such an awesome weekend.
A. we bought our first large new appliance, a washer and dryer set. After much research and price comparisons, we got a great deal on an LG Tromm set from Home Depot. We settled on white because I hope these puppies last a long time and I think I may be over (let alone need to spend $200 more) the color if I go different than white. We bought the set because we are currently converting to gas and the gas company is now buggin us to start using the gas they put in (have I mentioned that we have not had a real heat source since August-thank goodness for space heaters and living in the NW). in addition, they stack and we are always looking for ways to make more out of our little space. They will be delivered on Friday and I am more than excited
B. My great friend from grad school, Kelly called Sat afternoon to report that she was engaged!!!! This is a girl who is awesome and so deserves it! We can't wait to see her and meet her soon to be hubby when they come to check out P-town in May!
C. We participated in the Worst Day of the Year Bike Ride which actually turned out to be cold, but also beautiful and sunny. There is nothing like biking through Portland with your hubby and good friends while eating yummy local food and enjoying the city....we had a great ride by tour of many beautiful homes in the neighborhood. I won't mention the aches my knees are now feeling or the many beers I drank last night after finishing the course :)
D. We have finally settled on a cabinet maker-his name is Alan and of all places, I found him on Craigslist. He is 100% licensed and insured. We met with several awesome cabinet makers but felt that Alan had great, innovative ideas while keeping with the craftsman style that would be original to our home. He comes over this week to show us final sketches, take measurements, and oh, yea collect some cash :) We can't wait and will keep you updated on the progress.

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