Friday, February 6, 2009


Our current project (among others) is to design and have built built-ins around our fireplace (newly rebuilt in Spring of 2008-it was crumbling) and to divide our living room and dining room while adding functional storage and beauty. This has been quite the task and more research than I imagined. Not only does it take months to get a concept in your mind, it takes even longer to find the right pictures to show the cabinets makers and then even longer to find the right cabinet makers.
I have learned many things about cabinet makers over the past week.
A. There are many contractors that will describe
themselves as cabinet makers but that is false
B. True cabinet makers are artists
C. MY OH MY is it pricey to have fir cabinets built!
D. Hiring a great contractor is a job in itself.
However, we have met some pretty cool people in getting these estimates but I am still looking for quality while sticking to a budget, something I have yet to find. I have found that copying pictures to get my vision across has been the most helpful part of the quote process and that you know when cabinet makers have your vision and the ability to make your dream reality.
We are the type of couple who almost never hire contractors but when we do, we expect to get quality and what we discussed-does this seem like asking a lot? Not to me but apparently so. We have have some fabulous and not so fabulous contractors thus far. I typically get about 10 as opposed to the typical 3 before I hire a contractor and it pays off for the most part.
Anyways, here are some pictures showing pre move-in, mid demo/rebuild and our pathetic, but current soon to come

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  1. congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.

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