Saturday, August 30, 2014

Not all smooth sailing

It surely hasn't been all smooth sailing but we feel fairly fortunate that everything is starting to fall in place and we are (sort of) seeing the finish line. 

Unfortunately, the pedestal sink base for the kids bathroom arrived shattered yesterday...after placing the order through a month ago. 
Everything is really coming along for the exterior work.  They hoped to be done by this week but hit a few snags so the new date is 9/9. Still will be a week ahead of the original schedule!

As far as interior, we hope to have the initial inspections for heat and plumbing by the end of next week. Steve and a friend started the electrical work yesterday.  

By the end of the weekend, I will have bid out cabinets, insulation, wood floors, tile, plaster repair and paint!  Woo!

Next week I need to re-bid drywall and a couple handyman jobs (like putting in the bathroom fans) that Steve could do but we just don't have the time for.  

Steve has spent all day today stripping paint off the old lapboard siding that was used to replace what was torn off (and some damaged) when the sheer wall panels were put in. He's been limited to the front porch as it's raining-yuck. 

We're exhausted.  I have just started a new job and nearly doubled my hours from last year.  Will be nice to increase my income but also have summers off as I'm working for a school district!  However, timing is poor as we have come to the point of the project where all of our extra hours will be filled with house projects until the holidays :)   Here's to lots and lots of coffee!

What a way to spend a Labor Day!

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