Friday, January 28, 2011

Chutes Galore

Started researching pictures of chutes to see if I could find ideas of materials that people used to line their chutes.  Found some inspiring interesting pictures of chute designs as well.

Perfect example of the entry drop point we are hoping to put in the hallway....just stained wood and unpainted hardware
Interesting choice of layout....seems like it would be a pain to hold the door up while stuffing your towel in

This might work someday for our upstairs chute...seems like this might waste a bit of storage space though....something we always consider with our not so big house

Fun modern idea where you would purchase

Now these are some organized homeowners with some space-in MY dreams

what a great use of space and would keep the kids from "chuting" themselves down

Super fun idea and love the look of where the laundry drops out on next pix....I could just see trouble with our baby

nice access point-no bending to get the laundry and no waste of storage space

Love this bano!  I think the access point is behind the sink????



  1. Have you seen the laundry chute at I can't remember if they have any pictures online but I saw it in person and looked very nice.

  2. Joe, I just checked it out and found a picture of there bathroom that showed the chute-love it. That is perfect. Thanks for sharing. Love the idea of just having the door swing down so that it doesn't have to be held open

  3. Your house is absolutely lovely!