Thursday, August 14, 2014

I've got a Golden Ticket

This may not look Golden, but it sure is in real life
After 3 hours at the permit office this morning and a boat load of $$$, I walked away with a phase II/habitable space permit as well as a homeowners electrical permit!!!!  
Even though it took forever, I was very impressed with how smooth the process went and how helpful each of the people I had to go through (3) were. 
None of them were familiar with a permit being split into two parts-FIR permit with a contractor that covers structural/framing/exterior and the second part including all the trades and making the place habitable. 

sorry I'm sideways-darn iphone photo.
our layout.
There were just a few changes that the permit office made, including adding electrically linked smoke/CO detectors on the main floor and basement.  They also made us label all the spaces on the main floor and add in a hand rail on the stairs (which we planned to do anyways).   Super minor changes which made me (and our architect) pleased!

Now on to officially getting all the subcontractors started!  Quite the feat with starting a new job and doubling my work hours come Monday. 

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