Our Story

Steve and I moved to Portland in 2006, just after I finished graduate school and a few months before we got married.  We decided to look for housing during a time when everyone was approved for a loan that was far beyond what they could afford.  Take us, Steve alone (I was considered a hindrance being that I was finishing a final internship and therefore was not generating any income) was approved for a loan 100k over what we ended spending on our home.  Yikes!  Luckily, we were smart enough to figure out what would be in our budget with both of us working.  And it wasn't even close to the number given to us by the bank.

After about a month or two of looking, a friend called me up to say that they had just been to a garage sale and that they had seen an 8.5x11 piece of paper taped to the house that said "House for Sale".  The woman was kind enough to show them the house.  They thought it was perfect for us-a charming fixer!

Seriously, what were we was I thinking? 

The next day I was off to LA for my bridal shower so I got my friend to stop by the house.  Of course, it was day 2 of the garage sale so the woman was kind enough to let me in for a quick (maybe 5 minutes?) tour.  I fell in love with the layout, location and potential.  Of course, I immediately called our agent and Steve and told them to write an offer.  So they did.  Sight unseen.  Yikes!  After Steve got the offer accepted the next day, it went something like this.  He went to the front door of what would be his new home and knocked.  She answered.  He said,"Um, I bought your house yesterday.  Can I see what it looks like?"  Luckily he loved it as much as me.

1st Night-Steve couldn't help himself from ripping out paneling

I moved in early September and lived there for a couple weeks while we started renovations.  I took off for LA a couple weeks before our wedding, so Steve moved in and continued work during nights and weekends.

We had NO idea just what we had signed up for.  A crappy inspection, upcoming wedding and lust over owning a bungalow must have made our eyes hazy.
We have had a lot of help from friends and family as well as learned a ton by teaching ourselves as well as using the internet/blogs as great resources.  Luckily, we have come out relatively even (after buying at almost the top of the market) with the current market being down becasue we have done the majority of work ourselves.  Steve says we will never move. 

Good thing because  I am proud to say that I am still in love with my little bungalow today and that the best thing about my house is who I share it with.

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