Tuesday, December 6, 2011


 This is another area in the kitchen research where I am hung up on what to do.  There are many that I love but most would just shatter the budget.  Part of me would love love love a vintage range, however, I think that I have moved past that for a number of reasons.  However, there are some un-cool things about new.
Pros for new:
1. We have limited space so think a 30" range (most are 36"+ that are really old) would best fit our space, therefore, most of the ranges you will see are going to be 30"
2. I would just die for a self-cleaning oven (you should see mine now)
3. convection is not necessary but seems really cool
4. I can just imagine having easy to clean burners too
5. A locking oven is also not necessary but more child friendly
6.  While yes, there are many vintage gas ranges to be found, they are harder to come by in Portland and therefore cost more money...we do want gas
7.  the option of a timer to start and stop cooking is, again, not necessary but would be awesome for a gal on the go
8.  I just would feel a lot safer leaving something cooking in the oven in a new oven vs. old if I had a quick errand to run, you know?

Pros for old:
1. old is just sexy
2. saving something old
3. less waste in the dump
4. less greenhouse gas emmited  by using old instead of all that goes into shipping/manufacturing, etc.
5. the old ones last FOR-EV-ER

Enough of that.  Some pictures of what I have found.  Again, when trying to keep with 30" models, some of my options are limited.  Please let me know if you have found any other great brands or options out there...my search has just begun.  Also, I have yet to take reviews and consumer report ratings into account.  More on that as we get closer.

Now really wanting stainless steel as we are trying to stay period appropriate, however, hard to find much else out there unless you want white or black with the plastic handles that often look so cheap to me.  Just posted a couple stainless steel options but there are a million to choose from.

Most of the links are from AJ Madison Appliances as they have an awesome online search tool.

 Big Chill $4200  Hefty price tag but really close to true vintage look; Now I LURV this one

Not so sure if I would use the double oven $2500 GE Cafe

Ikea $1000

Bertazzoni $3600  Red could be really fun but it's a big commitment, maybe bigger than I'm willing to make

Bertazzoni Heritage $4600  way above our budget but this is gorgeous and dead sexy

Five Star $3100  pricey again but a nice white option

Frigidaire Gallery $1600, at least the handles are stainless, less cheap looking

Heartland $5700  again, not in our budget
Verona Pro Series $3500 comes in red and black

Viking $3700 actually comes in white, red  black
Elmira Stove Works Northstar $3800

Bluestar, no idea on price but comes in 190 colors!

Old House Journal Online has a nice link to information about different ranges to consider when purchasing for your bungalow kitchen.

In case you are looking to go old:

Restored Vintage Stoves
Retro Renovation has an awesome page about 26 places to buy restored vintage stoves
this stove is so gorgeous that it almost makes me forget all the reasons why I don't want an old range
Just found a business card for Classic Stove Sales & Restoration out of Los Angeles
Here is a nice link to Chambers stoves and all kinds of info about these stoves


  1. Our bungalow in Eugene came with a dual-fuel Elmira stove. It is now about 10 years old and performs beautifully. It is fun to see people's reactions. Some assume it is an antique wood-burning stove, until I show the digital controls

    1. so glad to hear that it has withstood the test of time!

  2. We contemplated a number of the stoves you showed, but ended up going with the BlueStar in a green that matched our soapstone counters. Jeff loves it and we've found it quite easy to clean. (It was somewhere around $4500--I could look it up for you if you're really interested.)

    It's very easy to find ranges that are not in the budget. I might be able to offer suggestions if only I knew what the actual budget was.

  3. What range did you end up going with? And do you like it? I've got the same old stove lust that you seem to. I am re-doing my kitchen and it's fun to see what you are changing in your house. Are those kids keeping you from blogging? They sure are busy!!

    1. Hi Bridget, Sorry it has taken me a bit to respond. We ended up going with a range totally different than any of the ones I showed. In the end, Steve really did not want an old range (plus they are around 6k refurbished in these parts) and we just couldn't justify spending 4-6K on one of the vintage looking new stoves. SOOO, I came across a range in an e-mail from Costco of all places. It is an NXR-we got it for just $1800 and it looks like a pro range. So far, we love it!
      Yes, kiddos keep us busy :) I don't watch Laurel anymore (we miss her) being that she and Ben have started preschool.