Sunday, May 25, 2014

So we have a lot of Sh**

First of all Happy Memorial Day and thank you so much to all who have served us.  
It's true, we have a LOT of stuff.  I prefer to blame it on the hoard left behind from Steve's parents, but truth be told, we have more than we need as well.  We have done a pretty good job of getting rid of most of our extra on the main floor of the house as Steve's parents stuff isn't mixed in with ours.  I have sold or gotten rid of a ton of stuff in the past year (ours and Steve''s parents), but we still have so much to do.  
I hope to get rid of a lot more over the process of the remodel.  I'm sure we will have a ton more to dump once we have lived without it while in storage for 6 months and/or still can't find a place/use for it once we move into our gorgeous new space.  

So this is what the attic looked like this morning.  Over the last month, I have been bagging linens and a few other things as I find time.  I also found time to collect all the outgrown baby clothes (4 bins) that we had floating around upstairs.  We were able to pass some to Goodwill and others onto friends.

And here is the attic tonight. All the drawers and real attic spaces are empty.  The storage pod out front is over half full.   While we still have a couple hours of work to put in, we are close.  We plan to finish emptying while Q naps in the am and then pull the carpet (I posted it for free on Craigslist and we already have two takers-hooray for re-use and no dump fees).  During afternoon naps we hope to remove the paneling and beadboard and put that up on Craigslist for free.  
Dumpster comes Friday so you know how we'll be spending next weekend.  So un-fun but it is saving us several grand so totally worth it.  We're only taking on shingles on the exterior and carpet, drywall, paneling, insulation. Also removing plaster wall in the main floor hall to allow for a support beam to go thru the wall.  The rest we are paying the pros to do. 

Can you believe that this broken beauty (enter sarcasm) was nabbed up on Criaglist in just an hour?  It's amazing what people can use!

And our girl turned 1 yesterday!  So we celebrated with donuts at Pip's Original to start the day...u get a free dozen donuts on your birthday!
Q is quite the fan!
and in the afternoon (the weather was AMAZING), we had a BBQ with something like 14 kiddos, 8 of them aged 1 and two more under 1, under 5.  Totally wonderfully nuts. 

Q thanked us today by taking her first steps-just in time for this remodel to blast off!

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