Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Psychedelic Baby

There were apparently some groovy times up in our attic.

 Here's how we were sitting Monday early day.

 Ben and I drew a lil family pic even.  He was in hog heaven getting to draw on the walls.

And here is where all of our furniture and worthless "stuff" will be living for the next 6 months.  Doesn't our yard look gorgeous?  I love it at this time of year!

 And this was us Monday afternoon right before our friend "Buddy" took the carpet, tack strips and even padding away for us.

I think the old ply is really pretty-wish we had pulled the hideous carpet years ago.

And here it is tonight.  Chugging away.  The weird thing is that pretty much all the walls all wood.  As far as we can tell only the non-angled ceilings are drywall.  Yea for cancelling the dumpster and being able to post most everything on Criaglist for free or take it to wood waste! 
Look at all those short nubby pieces of 2x4s all lined up together above-y???

Anyone want some free partially broken cedar tongue and groove?  We were going to sell it on Craigslist but it's a lil too damaged to charge for.  I'm sure someone will have some project to use it for. 

I hope to put our finalized plans up sometime this week.  We met with Red Rooster Remodeling last night-it's all so very exciting...and exhausting!


  1. I'm looking at possibly moving to PDX and the Rose City area is one of the neighborhoods that I think makes a lot of sense for us. As a former craftsman owner, I'm excited about the possibility of owning another one. I'll be reading along to see how your remodel turns out.

  2. Thank you. We love our neighborhood!