Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Trusses are in!

Last Thursday was a day of framing, framing and more framing 

Friday was an exciting day around here.  The workers spent the first half of the day getting the trusses delivered and placed. 

It took over an hour for them to even start as there was worry over cracking the driveway concrete. Then we had to figure out who would be responsible for repairs if the concrete cracked (the framing company took that on as they switched over to trusses from framing in place as specified on the plans to save $$$). They marked all the existing cracks prior to the truck backing into the driveway. 
Here's the crane lowering the trusses. It was really cool to watch. 

By the end of Friday, it looked like this. 
We're making some great progress. 

With the rain last night, we got some water in the living room and the basement :(. Thankfully, it appears that nothing is damaged. 

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