Saturday, July 12, 2014

All Flat

The workers spent a large portion of Wednesday and Thursday flattening out the floor.  We hope that it will be much better now, however, won't really be able to tell until all of the subfloor is down. 

With the exception of the front 6' of the upstairs, all of our old roof framing is gone.  We have a nice pitched and tarped roof currently.  Still hotter than he** up there. 

I hit up the Rejuvention semi-annual sale this morning and was able to get all the fixtures for the kiddos bathroom.  All of the hardware was 50% off the lowest marked price so I scored 3 fixtures for about the price of 1 sconce!  I was pretty pleased and only wished they had the fixtures I have been drooling over lusting over eyeing for the master bath.   Despite being about 20th in line, all of the polished nickel scones were pretty picked over by the time I navigated the crowd and got to them. I did not even look at the brass stuff as we plan to use antique light fixtures in the hall and bedrooms. 

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