Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No room at the Inn

But, maybe some of you are wondering where we are going to put this babe?  Well, good question.  We have no idea. 

Could share a room with Ben, however that would be hard until the babe is sleeping through the night.  I am not crazy about sharing a room with babe as I like my sleep and don't feel like I would sleep as well with the babe in our room.  Hearing every turn of the babe would make me worry all night long.  We found that having Ben about 10' from our room (in his own room) worked great for us-I could hear him when he woke for feedings, however, I didn't wake each time he tossed in his sleep.  And Steve could still sleep while I did feedings as he was working and by the time I went back to work, Ben was sleeping through the night well.

Anyways, here is where we get all crazy.  We are actually (if we can figure out the financial part) considering trying to start remodeling our upstairs before the babe comes.  Babe comes early June.  Probably late May as Ben was 10 days early and usually second babies come earlier than first.  I know, crazy. 

Currently, we use our upstairs as our guest room and storage.  We have a big 'ol hoard upstairs (and in the basement too).  I think I have talked about our hoard before.  Steve's parents have passed and his dad was a collector, so even though it has been 4 years this month since he passed, we still have a ton to sell/find other homes for.  Have I mentioned that the upstairs has drywall falling down, paneling and no heat-it's fabulous.  I know, we treat our house guests so well. :)  It's really not that bad but not a place to live year around.  It is freezing in the winter and hotter than he** in the summer as the insulation is poor. 

Now that the kitchen remodel is almost complete, I am going to dive head first into the hoard.  Ebay and amazon and Goodwill are going to become my good friends.  I need to tackle this part so that we can get an architect even into the space to plan.  I also need to dive into (I have just day dreamed thus far) researching what this space should look like.  I think that it will largely depend on the best layout that the architect can come up with. 

Anyways, here is where I need your help.  Are we totally crazy? (I can probably answer that question) Any thoughts on the best way to execute this project?  Any great pictures or drawings that you would be willing to share?  AND, most of all, does anyone in the Portland area have the names of good residential architects that specialize in bungalows/period appropriate remodel that don't cost as much a house?  I am also looking for good general contractors as I don't think I can be the general contractor when exterior framing work is involved.


  1. Yes, you're crazy!!! :o)

    We started an addition on our house when I was pregnant with our second. Our house was only a two bedroom, so the plan was to build our oldest a new room so Baby could have the nursery. We ended up moving the main bathroom to create a hall and adding a second bath to one of the bedrooms. It's amazing I survived it. Well, it's amazing my husband survived me. Ha!

    I wanted to build access to our attic and finish it while I was pregnant last year with our third. Hubby said NO WAY. So we bunked the two older ones and Baby got the oldest's room. Eventually, the girls will be roomies. Although, I still want access to the upstairs!

    Okay, so after all that rambling, our neighbor is a contractor. He helped us draw up our plans, get our permits, and then he and his worker bees did all the foundation/framing/electrical/sheetrock/roof/etc. We did all the finish work ourselves, but would have had them do a lot of that too, if we hadn't run out of money. Super nice guy, and the guys that work for him have been with him forever.

    His name is Pat Miller, D. Miller Construction. His CCB# is 166698 and his phone number is 503-329-0126. I know he's worked on a ton of older homes, including his own and several of our neighbors. Really good guy and honest, probably to a fault. :o)

    When I first started my blog, I did some posts of the progress. Here's links to them, including pics of Pat:

    Good luck!

    1. Mindy, Thank you so much for the contact info-really appreciate it and I'll add it to my stack! You're project looks awesome. Wow, you guys put in a lot of hard work but it sure all paid off.