Sunday, March 20, 2011

Roof Saga Part Deux

So once we had completed the chimney torn out, the real work began.  We found an awesome independent roofer who was willing to work with us in phases.  We needed someone who could come and tear off the whole roof (plywood included as there were already 3 or 4 layers and the plywood was in sorry shape) and then wait for us to replace all of the rafter tails (rotten) and tongue and groove.

So within a week or two, this is what our home looked like and we were committed.  Sexy hot bungalow.
 SO what is with the tarps you ask?  Wasn't it the middle of August '08 (enter some catchy endless summer-esque tune)?  Well, I guess I never took a picture of our open to the elements/you could almost star gaze at night-style house (sans drywall).  When the roofer lefts, we just told them to leave it all open as they tore off the roof on Friday and we anticipated getting a large chunk of work done by Monday and there was NO rain anywhere in the eminent forecast.  I repeat, NO rain, after all is was August in Portland.  Well, I guess I am just a naive SoCal girl but Steve has no excuses being from Oregon.  We found ourselves hearing the putter patter of rain on our non-existant rooftop at 2am one morning and started freaking out.

After finding out the Wal-mart in Vancouver (I hate Wal-mart) was the only place open 24-7 that had tarps in the Portland-Vancouver metro area, we pulled on some clothes and next thing we knew, we were in Washington and roaming the aisles of an eerily quiet store.  $200 later we were on our way home with more tarps than we would ever be able to use again, but enough to cover the roof.  You should have seen us less than happy when we finally finished tarping and "roofing" the house at 5am and just before a rainstorm began.  Here is another few-you can see a couple installed rafter tails poking out.

It took us several weeks of non-stop work (well, we worked from the time we got off work until it was dark each night and then set our alarms on the weekends to start).  BUT, we got it done. and the roofers were happy because, while they did not show it, they were probably tiring of waiting.
But we learned a couple lessons.
1. Don't try to line up the rafters tails evenly upon initial is so much easier to do later on
2. Be really careful putting in rafter tails as plaster is right behind where they insert in and plaster does crack (luckily there were only a couple super small breaks in the plaster)
3. Paint your tongue and groove before you put it up unless you plan on hiring a painter to come in later....we did paint beforehand-YEAH for us!

4. Don't be stupid and take on this project in the first place as living on a roof in the middle of summer when it is either raining or 100 degrees is not fun.  Imagine trying to haul the air tools up there each day as well. 
Must have been the start of the project-Steve is still smiling

All even but not without much ado
Guess we were so over it by the time we finished the tongue and groove that we forgot to take pictures.  Oops!  But here is one with the roof complete and you can see the pretty new tongue and groove

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