Monday, July 12, 2010

Brick patio

The back yard brick patio is officially finished.  It took Steve many nights and weekends to finish but it looks awesome!  We broke it in last night with a BBQ.  We were able to fit 2 tables and 8 people...just a bit snug with all the chairs.
Here is a brief layout of the steps used to make the patio:
1. Cut existing concrete out

2. Dig out dirt so brick will be level with concrete around house and level dirt

3. Lay 4" 1/4 minus gravel--> level by pulling a 2x4 cut to width of patio size and pull across

4. Put in vertical bricks on two sides (north and south) and support with additional bricks on sides; tap in with rubber mallet; want finished height to be level with other bricks

5. Tamp down gravel and lay 1" paver sand on top of gravel; tamp down

6. Lay bricks in desired pattern being careful as to walk on sand as little as possible

7. Put vertical bricks in on west side of path (bricks on east side butt up to concrete by house so no horizontal bricks needed)
8. Pour ~4" concrete on exterior of vertical bricks to secure bricks into place and help prevent movement

9. Pour polymetric sand over top of brick

10. sweep sand into crevices well
11. mist sand to wet and help bond 3x, allowing to dry between each misting
12. Enjoy!

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